Human Resources

Perhaps the number one area that owners require assistance in is Human Resources.  Hiring the right employees is key to a successful operation, so finding the right candidates is vital to your success.  In addition, many operators make severe mistakes in complying with state and federal employment laws, facing numerous and hefty fines that can take its toll on the success and financial stability of your company.

Our HR staff members are well versed on employment laws and are constantly being educating on the ever changing rules and regulations for employer compliance.

We offer the following full-service Human Resource services, to take the worry off of you:

  • A pool of resumes on-hand at all times for quick recruitment efforts.
  • On-going recruitment programs in place on all of the popular social media forums.
  • Interviewing/recruitment of successful management teams.
  • Training and supervision of teams recruited.
  • Annual performance evaluations and goal setting.
  • On-going education of existing teams (annual seminars, classes, etc.).
  • Termination and/or reprimands, as needed.
  • Employment law enforcement.
  • Vacation schedules and coverage.