Superior Storage Group performs professional and extensive facility Audits to ensure your operations are running smoothly and efficiently.  Our highly experienced Auditors are thorough and detailed, with systems and procedures to check every aspect of your operations, to reduce your liability and maximize the return on your investment.  Our Audits cover the following areas:

  • Employee compliance of company systems and standards, as well as review of company operations and safety manuals.
  • Lien law enforcement and compliance; lien sale procedures in place.
  • Accounting database – verification of customer lease agreements against their computer account, as well as collection efforts and debt on the books.
  • Computer software and on-line file management, to ensure proper employee use of programs.
  • Customer Files – ensure all documents and lease agreements were executed properly by customers and employees.
  • Facility cleanliness and landscape curb-appeal.
  • Alarm and security systems in place.
  • Complete unit inventory and full lock-check.
  • Current Marketing programs in place and ideas for capturing new customers.
  • Local area rental rate comparison, to ensure rates are in line with economic conditions.
  • Non-standard rent evaluation for possible rental rate increases.
  • Evaluate moving/packaging supplies and inventory/sales.
  • Evaluate other services which can generate additional income for the operations (rental truck income, customer insurance, cell tower placement, business center, etc.).